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Let Tash and Bruce take you on a rollicking ride through the towns, rodeos and shindigs of outback Australia and beyond.  As Bruce shares tales of his adventures and misadventures on the road and on the land you’ll be transported to a time and place in Aussie folklore that few have witnessed and even fewer could really comprehend.  Funny, shocking, hard to believe.  You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, you’ll roll your eyes in disbelief.

- Robyn,

Former country girl, current city dweller.

What a great page-turner.  When is the next book coming out? What an adventure, so entertaining!

- Nicholas Don,


Natasah Dixon 3D.png


-Paul Phipps,

International Flight Attendant to the Stars.

Tash allows Bruce’s true Aussie flare to shine through a collection of unbelievable, hilarious stories.  Each one takes an unexpected turn and stands apart from the next.  The voice that rings through is of a quintessentially Australian cowboy, an underrepresented character in literature.

- Harriet Renn,

Priceless! What a gem! I love his voice.

- Jeannie Leggett,

Fan of oral history.

Bizarre and very colourful to say the least! 

- David Purvis,

Consulting Excutive.

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