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A collection of tall short stories

Natasha Power Dixon 

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About the Book

Goanna Man is a collection of short tales reflecting the image of Bruce Marsh. Bruce is a real ocker – an endangered species.


Born in the 1950s and a self-proclaimed ‘Professional Australian Cowboy’, his life relies on many factors that are out of his control. Plenty can go wrong and often does. He can be lucky and unlucky, clever and not so clever, but he is always scabby.


These recollections, narrated by Bruce and compiled by Natasha, are funny, bizarre and sometimes tragic. Bruce has tangles with the coppers, snakes and rats. The vast Australian outback and trying to be a good bloke gets him into strife that you wouldn’t believe. And he never, ever, wants another camel.


Bruce is a charmer.

Get ready for some sweet talk

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eBook  available on Amazon Kindle

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